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"There can be no greater gift than that of giving one's time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return." Nelson Mandela


The purpose of this site, therefore, is to give back and connect with the amazing people that I have had the privilege to work with and meet.





Dr. Troy Flanagan, Ph.D

Dr Troy Flanagan is the Vice President of Performance at the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. Troy has spent over 20 years directing the sport science and medicine programs for various Olympic and Professional sports teams. 

Troy oversees the sport science, medicine, nutrition, sports technology and sports psychology program for the Bucks. He successfully guided the Bucks to an NBA Championship in 2021.

Vice President, Performance

Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)


Director of High Performance

& Director of Sport Science
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association

(U.S. Olympic Skiing and Snowboarding Teams)

Head of Sport Science

Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS)

Melbourne, Australia



Troy holds a first class honours degree (B. App. Sci. Hons) in Human Movement Science and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.


Troy is a recipient of the following awards: 

  • ACHPER award of excellence during his studies at RMIT University

  • Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship

  • Tom Osborn Award to services and contribution to sports nutrition (CPSDA)

Troy holds an honorary adjunct position with the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Troy is currently on advisory boards and committees for:

  • Apieron Life

  • Research Advisory Committee for the Steadman Philippon Research Institute

  • United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Research Steering Committee

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©2021 by Troy Flanagan

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