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  • Troy Flanagan

The best piece of technology a sports team can buy!

…is a person.

Sorry for the misleading title, but there's a balance between investing your department budget in equipment technology and people.

The key to success in the high performance approach is - who you hire. Sometimes you need 20-year industry veterans on staff and sometimes you need to develop your own staff when you can find them.

Staff dynamic is key. Egos are the cancer. The performance director is often the referee for healthy debates on the best way to prepare players. Even when you staff dynamic is excellent, staff will still hotly debate things and can take comments too personally.

Where possible, have staff that are not only good, but also have a proven history of working well together and get along.

The other key to this approach is to keep developing the staff. They are usually highly talented and if you get it right they are probably amongst the best in the world. A true high performance director coaches them, challenges them, calls them out where they are not a strong and makes them even better.

The golden rule in this area, especially in high pressure sporting environments, is make sure they are good, but hire on personality and teach them the rest.

In addition, teams should be invested in hiring an A-list level staff if they want a real advantage. A team should not expect breakthroughs without hiring people that have a proven record as industry leaders.

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