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  • Troy Flanagan

Don't kill the culture

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

One of the big mistakes that I have made in the past when I have started with a new team is to come in and immediately steamroll the old way of doing things and implement all new strategies without any consideration for what has been done in the past. It is so tempting to jump in and try and get large scale and quick results. However, the existing staff and players are used to a way of operating. Changing it too quickly is a problem. Changing things that actually work is also a problem. Wholesale changes too quickly is a great way to get everyone offside and questioning your approach. Be strategic with change and time it right.

Take the best things about the sport and how they have done things. Take the best things that you have done in the past to prepare teams and then marry them together. Don’t just cut and paste from one team to another and think it will work. Observe and listen for a while before you implement big change. Listen to the players and staff that have worked in the sport for a long time and learn from them. Implementing complete change to systems and processes too quickly often results in push back from players, staff and coaches. Get some early wins and get people on board, then add a few new things each year.

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